SYNERGY HomeCare Review

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Jan 19, 2020 | Posted by S.P.

I have worked for Synergy for about five years now. Coming from New York City nine years ago, not needing to discover how to drive, Synergy Homecare was the only company that granted me work with the knowledge that I rode a bike. They assigned clients for me in my area to make it as easy as possible for me to get around and make a living doing what I love to do. I found that to be remarkable.
They don’t only care about their clients, but their caregivers as well. I will always consider Synergy Homecare to be part of my family. They are always a phone call away if needed to babble, lol and their experienced staffs are always there for you. Understanding what your day might feel like as well as your personal life too. What company do you know that you can talk to about your personal life?? I’ll wait..... SYNERGY HOMECARE! You can always talk to them! It’s amazing!!!! They are up late nights trying to get clients the right caregiver. They work with you not just place you. Like most agencies will do. NO not Synergy Homecare, they want everyone to feel comfortable and safe. It’s a little family, away from family. Lol. Once again, they are professional, friendly and always let you know the great work you are doing. They send us text messages throughout the day letting us all know we are doing great work, they send Birthday text, etc...omg how sweet is that!!! Likewise, their clients are amazing and they just want you to give them companionship, and to really help with what they can’t do themselves. They have always received me with open arms as well.
It's truly amazing the people you meet and learn from working with Synergy Homecare and all their clients as well. They’re part of Synergy’s Homecare family as well. I have learned a lot with this company and I want to truly say.....